The XTGP network was created in building trust with the surfer in mind. Cheaters in the adult industry breaks this trust, causing less money to be spent, and less money in our pockets. While there has always been cheaters, it seems the downturn in the world economy has caused the cheating to be more frequent, and taken to a higher level altogether. This is a time when webmasters should give their head a shake and support our industry honesty.

The XTGP network of sites prides itself in promoting 2257 compliant content. Promoting stolen content only hurts the adult industry, if you are an affiliate, this means you.

Our network of sites ensure that the surfer wont get malware or viruses. We inspect our trades to ensure that we are not sending traffic to a cheater who wont think twice about hijacking a surfer's computer for a few cents.

I've been around for over 10 years in this biz, and I will only work with people that have respect for the surfer, period. If you are signing up to my sites with a bot or not reading the rules, forget it. If your trading with cheaters, don't contact me. If you promote thieves, go somewhere else. I track the cheaters I have dealt with since day one.

On a lighter note, I am always looking forward to networking with honest webmasters. If you have a site for sale, program to promote, want to start up a trade, or want to do some work together, hit me up!